1. President Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame

2. Columbus didn't actually discover America. It was the Vikings!

3. The shortest war in history was the Anglo-Zanzibar War which lasted just 38 minutes.

4. The longest war in history was a war between the Netherlands and Sicily which lasted 355 years.

5. President Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin have the same birthday: Febuary 12, 1809.

6. Only one disease has benn fullt eradicated: smallpox.

7. Mansa Musa I was the richest man in history worth over $400 billion.

8. Human life exsited for less than 1% of the Earth's history.

9. Between 1814 and 1830, France's flag was plain white.

10. Princeton University one turned a cat into a telephone.

11. French fries are from Belgium and are named so because Belguim official language was French.

12. All British tanks since 1945 have equipment to make tea.

13. Roman emperor Caligula made one of his favorite horses a senator.

14. A lot of history's disasters were caused by lack of sleep.